Using Ketso at Agile:MK

An interesting and highly interactive session took place on 14th December 2015 at Milton Keynes popular Agile group Agile:MK.

The group used Ketso (a toolkit for creative engagement that provides a structured way to run a workshop) to explore strategies, solutions, and tactics for trying to be Agile in a non-Agile environment.

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What other collaborators say about working with us:

“It’s early days yet but we’re really pleased to be working with the ARN. It can be difficult to get an objective view of day-to-day working, but we can already see that, because ARN have been in to talk to us, people are sharing more information about the problem than they did before.”

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See an Agile Challenge Wall

Agile Challenge Wall @ ABC

At the ABC Business Conference 2013 the Agile Research Network set up an Agile Challenge Wall and ask organisations about their agile challenges. Over the conference the Agile Challenge Wall grew and grew and at the end 84 challenges were gathered. Thanks everyone for sharing their challenges. We are looking for collaboration partners to investigate these challenges further.


Download UX White Paper

White Paper “Integrating UX design into a DSDM project: challenges, working practices and lessons learned ” available now

The White Paper from our first case study is available now.

This case study presents a chapter from the story of one organization’s journey to integrate UX design into the DSDM framework. The White paper describes the challenges they faced, working practices adopted and the lessons learned from their experiences of integrating UX designers into their DSDM agile process.